Choose Kind T-Shirts


Would you like a limited edition CHOOSE KIND T-SHIRT?

They are $15 and available in kids and adult sizes - hop over to Buddy Bracelet website to buy yours now. 100% of profits will go to Bravehearts.


Thank you to everyone who supported our Wonder Movie Screening.

In a world where everyone seems to be consumed by "image" we do think kindness & true friendship can prevail! For us the book and the movie confirmed that being kind does not mean you are a pushover it means you choose your friends, words and actions wisely and embrace forgiveness, friendship and differences.


100% of profits from the movie screening, sale of WARRIOR Buddy Bracelets and our Choose Kind t-shirts will go to the children's charity Bravehearts.

Bravehearts is a national charity providing world-class child protection training and education initiatives; specialist child sexual assault counseling and support services; as well as research and reform campaigns to work holistically to prevent child sexual assault in our society.



Bonnie the Bunny

Thank you for ❤️ caring & helping us raise a total of $47,000 for The Child Protection Unit at Sydney Children's Hospital. We did this in THREE months because of your support! You bought Bonnie the Bunnies 🐰 & Buddy Bracelets to give to children admitted to hospital with injuries from abuse or neglect, you also supported Live Band Karaoke and you donated! 💰

After the huge success of Bonnie the Bunny we decided to continue our support for the child protection unit at Sydney Children's Hospital because we've been so moved by the important work they do. $47,000 is going to the occupational therapy team to help rehabilitate children with injuries as a result of ongoing horrendous physical abuse by those who are meant to care for them.  

Your support is so valuable and together we can really make a huge difference, and together we are doing just that! THANK YOU!

Thanks to our friends at Nana Huchy for donating Bonnie the Bunnies every year.

We want to make sure all child protection units across the county have Bonnie the Bunnies so we're sending the 400 bunnies we sell this year to Lady Cliento Children's Hospital in Brisbane. #insteadofchocolate










Charity Buddy Bracelet


Introducing our new charity Buddy Bracelet - the Warrior. 


The Warrior is a black and white Buddy Bracelet with a white Buddy Bead. The white Buddy Bead represents the purity and innocence of children that we want to preserve and protect.  It's called the Warrior because here at The Change Angels we are all Child Protection Warriors and will stop at nothing to protect and keep children safe. To us it's a black & white issue.

100% of profits from this screening and the sale of WARRIOR Buddy Bracelet will go to the children's charity Bravehearts.


#donate100percent #buddybracelet4eva #freetobeme

Show your buddies you care with friendship buddy bracelets

Show your buddies you care with friendship buddy bracelets



We are extremely grateful for the support of the media for shining a spotlight on our campaigns. This coverage helps us reach more people and raise more money for causes we all believe in.

The talented and kind Miranda Otto Kate RitchieMegan Gale, PauliniKat Hoyos, Elka Whalan, Amiee Tarulli and Giaan Rooney have all added their star power to our fundraising efforts. They have helped us support the many charities was feel passionately about including Child Protection Units across the country, Little Heroes Swim Academy, Sydney Children's Hospital, Fred Hollows Foundation, Fairy Sparkle's Hospital Fairy Garden, Barnardos and Bondi Beach Cottage (refuge for women and children fleeing domestic violence). 

Thank you Miranda Otto for supporting our Nana Huchy Bonnie the Bunny Easter Campaign each year. 

“When I was invited to support The Change Angels Bonnie Bunny Campaign I couldn’t refuse. Giving a child a soft toy to cuddle and love when they are admitted to hospital under such horrific circumstances can be very powerful" - Miranda Otto - 

Here's some of our favourite stories....