Bonnie the Bunny


BUY Bonnie the Bunny for a child on 21st March

On March 21st you can help us raise money for some of Australia’s most vulnerable children and give these adorable comfort bunnies to kids in Perth.

Each year Nana Huchy donate Bonnie the Bunnies, we sell them online and give them to children who have been admitted to hospital with injuries from abuse or neglect. We then donate 100% of the profits to charities that support some of Australia's most vulnerable children. So far we've donated $69,000 to Bravehearts, Barnardos and child protection units across the country and have delivered 1,600 bunnies to five states in Australia including NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and The Northern Territory.

Sadly some children are admitted to hospital alone, confused and horribly injured after enduring unspeakable cruelty. This is where Bonnie the Bunny steps in and offers a touch of comfort at a very dark time in these children's lives.

Gotta love a little #payitforward ❤️ #insteadofchocolate










High Tea raises $12,567


Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our recent AusCam Freedom Project High Tea. You helped us raise $12,567.00 to be precise!

Because of you...

5 girls have now enrolled into their first year of university, 5 girls have re-enrolled into their 2nd year of university, 1 girl has re-enrolled into her 3rd year of university, and 21 girls will receive extra tuition and specialised mentoring over the coming year to help prepare them for their final grade 12 exams! 

What a fantastic outcome!

You can still help us support the education of girls in Cambodia by purchasing one of our charity BRAVE Buddy Bracelet. You can get yours on this link

These bracelets have been designed and made by Cambodia girls who have been rescued from exploitation. They are now not just survivors but are thriving and healing with purposeful employment. They have made these bracelets knowing they are going to be worn by YOU here in Australia. 100% of profits will go to supporting education programs for Cambodian girls so they have a real chance for a brighter and happier future.

“When you educate a girl SHE can change HER world.” AusCam Freedom Project

Dolly's Dream


100% of profits from the sale of True Blue & Aqua Colour Crazy  Buddy Bracelet  will go to support Dolly's Dream Foundation. The Dolly's Dream Foundation is a charity established by family and friends of Dolly Everett. Dolly was the victim of bullying, and ended her own life at the young age of 14. In remembrance of Dolly, and to facilitate positive change, the Dolly's Dream Foundation was established to support cyber bullying and teen suicide prevention programs. Help us put an end to bullying and support those who are finding it difficult to cope. 

Each Buddy Bracelet comes with a Buddy Promise to sign and keep safe. Wearing a Buddy Bracelet and signing the Buddy Promise acts as a reminder to be a kind and trusted friend...but to also expect the same from your friends in return. 

Thank you Buddy Bracelets for your ongoing support. 

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100% of profits from the sale of our gorgeous friendship mini WARRIOR Buddy Bracelets and our Choose Kind t-shirts will go to the children's charity Bravehearts.

The Warrior is a black and white friendship Buddy Bracelet with a white Buddy Bead. They each come with a Buddy Promise to sign and keep safe. The promise is about being a kind and trusted friend and the importance of expecting the same in return from you friends. These are for the little people in your life and are made for kids 4 years - 8 years. 

Bravehearts is a national charity providing world-class child protection training and education initiatives; specialist child sexual assault counseling and support services; as well as research and reform campaigns to work holistically to prevent child sexual assault in our society.


 We are extremely grateful for the support of the media for shining a spotlight on our campaigns. This coverage helps us reach more people and raise more money for causes we all believe in.

The talented and kind Miranda Otto Kate RitchieMegan Gale, PauliniKat Hoyos, Elka Whalan, Amiee Tarulli and Giaan Rooney have all added their star power to our fundraising efforts. They have helped us support the many charities was feel passionately about including Child Protection Units across the country, Little Heroes Swim Academy, Sydney Children's Hospital, Fred Hollows Foundation, Fairy Sparkle's Hospital Fairy Garden, Barnardos and Bondi Beach Cottage (refuge for women and children fleeing domestic violence). 

Thank you Miranda Otto for supporting our Nana Huchy Bonnie the Bunny Easter Campaign each year. 

“When I was invited to support The Change Angels Bonnie Bunny Campaign I couldn’t refuse. Giving a child a soft toy to cuddle and love when they are admitted to hospital under such horrific circumstances can be very powerful" - Miranda Otto - 

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