2017 was a busy year of fundraising


JUNE 2017

THANK YOU for supporting our 2017 fundraising efforts.

In March this year, we donated $6,400 to Little Heroes Swim Academy to support their swimming program for disabled children. In July this year, we donated $47,000 to the child protection unit and 400 Bonnie the Bunnies to Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane. Your money went to supporting programs to rehabilitate children after ongoing physical abuse.

Thanks to your continuing support we now have Nana Huchy Bonnie the Bunnies in 4 States - Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and Qld. Because of your kindness children admitted to hospital after being abused and neglected will now have a comfort bunny. Sometimes this is their only possession as they have fled a difficult situation very quickly.

For those of you who may not know I started The Change Angels about 4 years ago with the support of Rebecca Murray (Agent Murray) and Kylie Towner (Agent Towner). Since that time you've helped us raised over $545,000 for registered charities. Because The Change Angels donate our time and expertise to raise money we're able to donate 100% of profits to the charities we are supporting.

We will launch our Bonnie the Bunny Campaign on 1 March 2018. We hope you can again jump on board and help us spread a touch of kindness at a very dark time for these children. Thank you to the generous Lucy at Nana Huchy for donating 400 Bonnie the Bunnies each year - her kindness is astounding.

You may be wondering where Buddy Bracelets fits in...well Buddy Bracelets is a business I started a year ago with strong charitable aims. The idea for Buddy Bracelets came when developing a fundraising campaign for Little Heroes Swim Academy. The fact you should always swim with a 'buddy' and as we were raising money for a Swim Academy for disabled children selling 'buddy' bracelets seemed like a good fit.  I loved the idea so much I created a brand and Buddy Bracelets was launched by donating bracelets and charms to raise money for Little Heroes Swim Academy.

In life no matter how old you are, having a kind and trusted friend, someone who has your back is extremely important. So the Buddy Bracelet range was extended and the business was launched to help spread kindness one wrist at a time. Rather than talking about bullying and how to prevent it I wanted to talk about what we want and need from our friendships and to also get kids thinking about their own behaviour and what sort of friends they are and are attracting. That's why each Buddy Bracelet comes with a Buddy Promise to sign and keep. Signing the promise and wearing a Buddy Bracelet acts as a reminder to be a kind and trusted friend...but to also expect the same in return from your friends.

The Warrior Charity Buddy Bracelet along with our Choose Kind limited edition T-Shirts are available now to help raise money for Bravehearts. Bravehearts is a national charity providing world-class child protection training and education initiatives; specialist child sexual assault counseling and support services; as well as research and reform campaigns to work holistically to prevent child sexual assault in our society. 

Thank you to all those wonderful businesses for donating products and services to help us raise money this year. We are truly grateful for your support. Thank you to each and everyone one of you for also supporting our Live Band Karaoke event, movie screenings, Bonnie the Bunny campaign and for donating money this year.

The Change Angels wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season. 

Agent Sutton 
aka Joanne
The Change Angels

How $35 donation turned into $22,000 raised

Collectively we can make a BIG difference...and we do!

Collectively we can make a BIG difference...and we do!

March 2016

There are many people who want to support good causes but are often not in a position to personally donate substantial amounts of money. This is where The Change Angels step in...

We know collectively small donations can make a huge difference. 

We are passionate about the causes we support and freely lend our time and energy to organising fun ways to raise money for registered charities. 

Our most recent Bonnie the Bunny campaign, where generous people like you purchased a $35 plus toy called Bonnie the Bunny which in turn was donated to children in child protection units, quickly turned into a $22,000 donation to Barnardos. 

The large donation was only made possible by collectively raising money. We did this by selling the 400 donated Bonnie the Bunnies one by one on our website. At the end of the campaign, we raised $12,000 from the sale of the Bonnies and our friends at Wallina Associates threw in $10,000 to show their support. This meant collectively we could donate $22,000 straight to Barnardos Yalmambirra Indigenous Learning Centre (YLC) in Wellington, Western NSW. 

This centre supports 30 highly disadvantaged Indigenous children aged 5-12 years. The centre provides a fun, safe environment for at-risk Indigenous children to engage in educational and recreational activities before and after school, 4 days a week. Children are picked up from their home (by bus) and dropped off at Yalmambirra prior to school (to have breakfast and ensure school attendance), and then picked up from school and brought to complete homework and complete other enriching activities with staff and volunteers. 

The centre focuses on five key areas:
· reducing truancy and criminality;
· improving literacy and numeracy and attitude to school work;
· providing better understanding of nutrition and general health;
· providing a better understanding of Aboriginal culture and connection to community;
· and supporting families to get better access to available services.

Yalmambirra employs a full-time Aboriginal Centre Manager and 5-6 part time staff. A range of family support services is provided to families from the Barnardos Wellington site.

The centre’s past success has been based on developing individual programs for each child based on discussions with them, their schools and families. By completing homework in the centre, most of the children become more confident at school which feeds into better attendance and performance. As well, the children are given dietary advice, a nutritional meal before and after school and encouraged to make food for themselves. The children go to school having eaten a good breakfast, pack their school lunch and then have a nutritious meal after school at the YLC. 

This campaign was only made possible by working with generous companies like Nana Huchy who over a two period have donated 800 Bonnie the Bunnies for us to sell. We are thrilled this campaign has raised $34,000 to support some of Australia's most vulnerable children over this two year period. The kindness spread and our friends at Wallina Associated threw in $10,000 to help support the campaign this year.

You can still support the Bonnie the Bunny campaign by purchasing beautiful gift cards designed by Kate Grebert of Kate Grebert Designs on our website www.thechangeangels.com