Buy Bonnie the Bunny for a child


Buy Bonnie the Bunny for a child


Due to the overwhelming support about Virgin Australia flying our Bonnie the Bunnys up to the Northern Territory we have decided to offer you the opportunity to purchase a Bonnie for child who has been admitted to hospital with injuries from abuse or neglect now. Today you can secure your Bonnie the Bunny to be given to a child in 2019.

Too many children are admitted to hospital with horrific injuries inflicted on them by those who are meant to care for them. 

Because of your kindness children who are abused will now be given a gorgeous comfort bunny at this very distressing and confusing time in their life. Their bunny will offer them unconditional love and comfort.

This is our fifth year of running this heartwarming campaign and people like you have helped us raise $69,000 to support some of Australia's most vulnerable children. We have Bonnie the Bunnies in five States in Australia: NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and thanks to VIRGIN AUSTRALIA now in the Northern Territory.

Thank you to Kwik Kopy Bondi Junction for printing all our #insteadofchocolate postcards for free and Platinum Pre School Randwick for taking care of the postage.

We value your support. 

Thank you


Agent Sutton & The Change Angels



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