Charity Buddy Bracelets

Our handcrafted Buddy Bracelets all represent unconditional friendship. Each Bracelet comes with a special Buddy Promise to sign and keep safe. You can wear your bracelets with pride knowing 100% of profits goes to charity. Wearing a Buddy Bracelet means you agree to being a kind and trusted friend, after all we all need a trusted friend - make sure you be one and have one!


BRAVE Buddy Bracelets

100% of profits from the sale of these gorgeous fair-trade handcrafted Buddy Bracelets will go to support the education of impoverished girls in Cambodia.

What makes these bracelets even more special is we have employed Cambodian girls who have been rescued from exploitation to make these bracelets giving them meaningful work and empowering them. We love these bracelets and all they represent

One size fits most.


WARRIOR Buddy Bracelets

100% of profits from the sale of our Warrior Buddy Bracelets will go to supporting the children’s charity Bravehearts so they can continue to empower and support children who have been abused.


TRUE BLUE Buddy Bracelets

These gorgeous bracelets come in True Blue and Colour Crazy. 100% of profits raised from these bracelets will support the wonderful work of the newly established foundation Dolly’s Dream and the tireless work they do on bullying prevention programs and awareness.