Our volunteer agents

The agents who make it all happen

Why do some charities raise more money than others?  Why do some fundraising events get more attention, more publicity and more funds?  It’s a question the Agents behind The Change Angels pondered for some time before launching our network of support to help charities raise money.  

The Change Angels is made up of professional PR and marketing people and we identify projects that need assistance – if we believe in the cause – we offer our assistance for free.  We step in when we are needed – take on a special fundraising project and see them through to completion. We like making money for charities that work at the coalface and we like bringing our community together to achieve great outcomes. 

We are passionate about the causes we support that's why we freely lend our time and energy to organising fun ways to make money. We know together small donations can make a huge difference BUT most importantly it's about the network of support and the friendships we make along the way because without those we've got nothing.

We work with individual charities to obtain an "Authorisation to Fundraise" on their behalf. 100% of money raised from all our missions goes straight to charity, we only cover the costs of running the campaigns and we volunteer our expertise and time to achieve great outcomes.

We call ourselves Agents...just for fun.

Here's a list of the agents who make it all happen: Joanne Sutton, Vicky Maher, Jo O'Brien, Rebecca Murray, Sue Cliffe,  Rebel Bissaker, Kate Grebert, Anna Smythe, Kylie Towner, Helen Kerr, Sandra Weeding, Emma Kelly McDermott, Sarah McIntyre, Max Hodgson, Helen Young and Timothy Young.

rebecca murray, jo o'brien, joanne sutton, vicky maher & perri stevens  - photo shoot for prevention magazine, December 2015